Monday, March 8, 2010


if only for a millisecond, i peak the interest of someone,
if only for one moment, i inspire someone,
if only even just one person, ever-
it's worth it.

and on another note, my camera broke.
i had been longing for a new one....but I never intended for that longing to leave me with a current unusable one...anyone want to buy me a really great gift?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

a long shower

so earlier today before a hike, instead of the planned just throwing on some clothes and going, i decided last minute to take a quick shower. Well, it ended up that no one (mainly under the age of 4.5) was trying to get my attention, as is usually the case- so the "quick" shower turned into a very long shower. It turned out to be some amazing alone time; I was struck by thoughts that were brewing through my head, and more struck that the thoughts were complete thoughts. As I finally finished the shower, I felt as if I just had a spa experience, took a nap, or had an revelationary (is that a word?) meditation session. I do recognize that being a mostly full time mom that spends nearly 24/7 with a 4 and 2 year old, I am a bit preoccupied in toddler world- but I hadn't fully recognized how incomplete my thought process was, how interrupted my focus and mind workings were. When I completed the shower and had lists of thoughts I had to write down- I was somewhat baffled by it all. Complete thoughts are a whole different world that I have forgotten about. It was nice to have some.