Friday, May 15, 2009

first post

I tend to "over"think things, analyzing, replaying conversations, how things "should" be, what I "should" be doing, what's the "right" way, and on and on. In most cases, this just delays my actual doing, saying, writing, etc. Or, in other cases, it overshadows my recognition that I am doing just fine, I am doing exactly what I should, and exactly the "right" way.
repeatedly having the desire to journal/blog/express/share thoughts,experiences, ideas, creations, I start and stop...for whatever reasons (enter overthinking & overanalyzing)
now, surrendering to what is.
now, embracing the amazement of just being.
now, expressing as it is, whatever it is, however it comes out.
now, for now.

and now that that's out of the way, i will continue to enjoy this peaceful day, which started off with artful inspiration, as I described in an email i just sent out-

so last night i was up until the wee hours doing some photo editing, and luckily enough I have two very accommodating sweethearts who let me sleep in. naia just attaches herself to me and nurses nonstop, fine by me as long as i'm still sleeping; and layna- i awaken to her soft little voice, open my eyes, and she's cuddled up next to me with a pile of books, "reading". so i go back to sleep. then i hear noises in the bathroom (it's not at all bad as it may start to sound), ask what's going on, to which layna replies- "i wanted to paint you another painting like i did yesterday. i'm washing my hands so i can get another color." sounds like i could be in for a mess...but all i discovered was a pile full of works of art, and a naked, marker-tattooed artist. AND, she created her first portrait! naia was impressed, too.

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