Friday, February 12, 2010


so i've had a little kick with the whole blogging thing just these past couple of days, a kick that who knows how long will last. why the 2 separate sites? tumblr is a new thing i wanted to try out- it's really easy to use, allowing me to post easily from my phone. but, it's really basic and simple. blogger is where i created a blog a while ago, and I just wanted to stick with it- linking within the posts is something i haven't figured out as a possibility within tumblr, nor customizing the page much. I'm not very saavy with all of this stuff so whatever allows me to create without needing to figure out too much, the better.
we're having a lot of fun in our simple yet abundantly happy life- creating, homeschooling, adventuring- and, i just want to share and connect.

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  1. I think blogger is a good, safe choice. I haven't been so happy with wordpress. It's not as customizable as I would like it whereas blogger allows much more.